We find our gifts in our darkest moments, and it is in our darkest moments that we discover our purpose and our destiny!
— Stephanie S. Franklin, Esq.

Stephanie is a creative visionary committed to spiritual principles that free us from the boxes that suffocate our potential and rob us of our destiny! She has a gift of being able to identify and extract the unique giftings of individuals for their self-development and evolution.  She has an eclectic and unique approach that blends traditional, indigenous philosophies with mainstream legal practices to assist women discover their genius and utilize this brilliance to influence and impact the world!


After graduating law school and beginning the practice of law, I encountered many obstacles that made me question whether law was for me.  My initial practice of law was not at all what I expected it to be.  I felt that law school did not adequately prepare me for the practice of law, trained my creativity out of me, was too constricting and boring, and quite unfulfilling.  I was beginning to feel that going to law school was a waste of my time and money. 


For some time, I was low, disillusioned and deflated.  I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore or where I was going.  But it changed when I returned to me, my truth, and why I chose law.  The boxes that suffocated me began to dissolve and my destiny and purpose began to unfold.  This truth came through the deep understanding that “Everything happens for your highest good, the Divine works in perfect ways.”  This mantra, along with the love and support of my parents, saved me and was a significant catalyst to catapulting me to becoming a Powerhouse!


This re-commitment to me and knowing who I am led me to building and managing a law firm for 11 years that has generated a multi-million dollar revenue stream; being selected to lead a high-profile political initiative; being recognized as a leader in the law; advocating in state, national and international policy spaces; training judges, magistrates, lawyers, social workers, and other professionals; publishing law and social justice pieces; and developing legal empowerment programs for marginalized communities.


I am blessed and grateful for the challenges I faced upon exiting law school and am powerfully situated to assist women in navigating law school, the Bar exam, the practice of law and building your own Powerhouse law firm!  We find our gifts in our darkest moments and it is in our darkest moments that we discover our purpose and our destiny!  Let me help you discover you!